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Optical imaging technologies have the ability to monitor changes in cerebral blood oxygenation within the brain using non-invasive measurements of optical absorption changes. This technique uses nonionizing, low wattage, visible and near-infrared light sources to make time-resolved spectroscopic measurements of the brain based on the diffusion of light through the head.

The goal of this study is to image the human brain while children attempt to deliberately modulate negative emotion. Specifically, we plan how brain areas, such as the prefrontal cortex, perform when children receive a brief training on using emotion regulation skills. To achieve this, children will be randomly assigned to emotion regulation skill building or control groups and will play an emotion inducing computer game before and after their assigned interim activities. This research is unique and innovative in that, to our knowledge, the study is the first to examine pre- and post- changes in brain functioning associated with a brief manipulation in children this young.